Lang, A (1897) "Science admits, if asked, that it does not know everything"

T.A.P.I.T. History



……… from the beginning!!!


The Ashfield Paranormal Investigation Team also more commonly

known as T.A.P.I.T was formed on August 12th 2006 by founding

member Lee Roberts (see picture left).


The team was made up of a group of friends and family members who

came together to answer some of their own questions of the

paranormal and experiences in their own lives. T.A.P.I.T. was born

and the team began to investigate anomalous cases of reported

ghosts, apparitions, haunting and poltergeist phenomena.


Since those early days the team has grown from and developed from

“Ghost hunters” to a serious paranormal Investigation and Research team.


In the early stages the team had 14 full time member, coming from all

walks of life, all had full time jobs and other hobbies and commitments

but everybody gave up their free time for what we do as T.A.P.I.T.



……… looking to the future!!!



















The team are already looking to build on past successes and looking forward to continuing their work. T.A.P.I,.T. 

are looking for new locations in addition to this they plan to return to many of our old haunts to carry out

continued research.


To date the T.A.P.I.T. team have a smaller group of just 8 regular members, however ask any of the current team

and they will tell you of the great energy we have between us and of the trust and respect we have for each other. This has helped many of us to develop as individuals as well as a team. This development has enabled many members

to pursue their own interests and studies in many of the areas we investigate, these areas include:

Psychic Mediumship, Photography, Spiritualism, Psychology and Parapsychology.

Lee Roberts  

(T.A..P.I.T. founding member)

Paul Nunn

(T.A..P.I.T. Team Leader)

The T.A.P.I.T. team have gone from strength to strength since 2006,

a few of the original members have come and gone and although they have been dearly missed, this has not discouraged the remaining team to bring in new members and continue our work.


In 2008 the team enjoyed national and global recognition as the team

that investigated Nottingham’s infamous Clifton Hall. A media frenzy had begun which saw T.A.P.I.T.’s name in media around the world not just the UK, namely Australia, Hungary, German newspapers. Founding member Lee Roberts was interviewed on local TV before both Lee and fellow Team Leader Paul Nunn had interviews on local and National radio shows. The pair later had a live feed interview on Australian Sunrise TV.

(See our media page for more information on the Clifton Hall Story)


2009 saw founding member Lee and wife Maz leaving the group due to work and family commitments. With this team leader Paul Nunn

(see left) who has been with the team since the beginning took the reigns and has continued to move the team forward.