So what do we do?


The Ashfield Paranormal team will conduct an investigation at any reputed Haunted location or investigate any ghost story or sighting.

We approach every investigation we conduct in a sensible, safe and scientific manner. Although not always possible the team leaders like to visit the location before the investigation to talk to staff and conduct baseline tests, importantly this visit can help us plan for any Health and Safety related issues and look for possible influences from the location such as broken windows, Electrical fluctuations etc as they may help us to answer questions later in the investigation..

Typically we conduct our investigation overnight at the location and carry out a range of vigils and experiments through the early hours. We approach all such locations with an open mind, many of our team are believers of the Paranormal and some are ever sceptical, any results we get from our experiments will be looked at from both sides of the argument. In many cases we can offer rational explanations (Such as cold draughts being associated with open windows etc.) but we cannot always promise to discount everything. However T.A.P.I.T. team members do not personally claim any scientific fact of Paranormal activity (Such as ghosts) but at the same time we do not deny that these such events may take place. We simply take each and every case into consideration and examine each piece of phenomena we may find

Experiments will vary depending on the location, but typically we will run various vigils, conduct table tipping and glass deviation exercises in addition to setting motion sensors, trigger objects, EVP experiments and lone vigils to name but a few, there are many, many more as we are constantly attempting, improving and coming up with different experiments to help us in our work.

We will record all of our investigations with video camera's and sound recording equipment, in addition we will log any relevant information that may arise so we can write a report after the event. Such a report will be available to you should you request a copy along with any photo's we think appropriate. We will not publish any findings on our website, however we will list the location as an "Investigation" and attach a couple of choice photo's. However we respect any confidentiality concerns you may have and can discuss this with you.

We also occasionally conduct T.A.P.I.T. tours and charity events throughout the year for more information see our events page or contact

**NEW** We can also conduct you your own tour, event or private function for you, if there is a group of you wanting to carry out your own investigation / ghost hunt and you have a location in mind, do not hesitate to contact us, if we can get in the location for you we will be happy to run the event for you, please contact for more information.


Sarah checking EMFs during baseline testing.

Team leader Paul taking readings during the night vigils.










Lang, A (1897) "Science admits, if asked, that it does not know everything"