Lang, A (1897) "Science admits, if asked, that it does not know everything"


Monday 23rd July 2018
It’s official, Paul has been working with a TV production company for the last few months secret filming some pilot episodes around the UK and we have now been told that the show has been commissioned for TV and we believe this is due to be released later in 2019. I would like to wish Paul and the whole team all the vest best for what should be a busy few months getting the episodes filmed before then.
Monday 21st May 2018
All quiet on the paranormal front, we are currently enjoying some much needed time off. A few projects working in the back ground and we will bring you an update on those as soon as we can
Friday 28th April 2017
Paul and the Beyond the realms team are set to embark on a night of screen and equipment tests at a location which will be used for our pilot episode next month. Exciting times ahead. 
Monday 17th April 2017
Hush Hush but our Paul is to join forces Beyond the Realms and with a UK production team to film for TV.  We will update you when we have more information
1st November 2016
T.A.P.I.T. were joined by guests as we held our first “Halloween” event at Thorpe Hall.
Some guests had great results including lots of bumps bangs and other strange phenomena whilst others had a quieter night.
We would like to thank all those who attended and helped raise some money for this wonderful building
Tuesday 31st May 2016
T.A.P.I.T. ARE BACK!!! Following a difficult year for many personal reasons we decided to take a hiatus last year. Following on from this I am delighted to confirm we are back, with a new look, a new look team, new theories and hopefully lots of exciting new things on the horizon.  
We are excited to be working alongside an “Exclusive” location in Peterborough and will be announcing a couple of public events in due course. 
In addition to this we are currently in negotiation with a web based media hub which streams paranormal TV content in the US as well as a few other projects possibly in the pipeline
We hope to have a little more interaction with you all via our Twitter and Facebook pages too.
We cannot wait… 

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