Lang, A (1897) "Science admits, if asked, that it does not know everything"

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Please feel free to contact any of the TAPIT team on the email addresses below………


Do you have a ghost story or location you want investigating?

Location Co-ordinator email : paul@tapitcrew.info.

Want to know about Public events and TAPIT Tours?

Events Co-ordinator email : events@tapitcrew.info.

General Information

Information email : info@tapitcrew.info.

Website matters?

Webmaster email : paul@tapitcrew.info.

Want to contact our Team Leaders?

Team Leader Paul : paul@tapitcrew.info.

Team Leader Richard : titch@tapitcrew.info.

Do you want your own private function or tour?

Location Co-ordinator email : paul@tapitcrew.info.



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