Lang, A (1897) "Science admits, if asked, that it does not know everything"


Investigation Techniques



A Séance

The séance is a meeting of people who come together to receive message from spirits directly or to listen to a Spirit Medium relay such messages. T.A.P.I.T. will also use a séance to gather information and ask for communication such as knocks, taps and temperature changes.

The first recorded Séance occurred in 1659 but remained of little interest until the 1800’s. In 1848 the Fox family at Hydesville, New York, called in their neighbours to listen to mysterious rapping sounds, which later became famous as the " Rochester rappings " and were responsible for inaugurating the modern Spiritualist movement.

Table tipping and Glass deviation experiments/vigils are common amongst Paranormal Investigations, however it is important to remain open-minded during such investigations as many factors can easily discount any activity that may occur. Despite this T.A.P.I.T. have used these methods and had some impressive results.

It’s believed that during an investigation with all participants having fingers placed lightly on a glass that the glass in moved by the spirits to indicate responses to questions such as “Yes” and “No” answers, likewise movements of a table is said to be attributed to spiritual responses.

Scientists can relate such movements to unconscious muscular movements which can cause the glass to be pushed unintentionally, once this happens it can lead to suggestion in group interaction leading to the glass moving or the table tipping.

T.A.P.I.T. have now introduced ways and methods to modernise such experiments as it is difficult to use them as evidence without scientific controls.


Electronic Voice Phenomena (E.V.P.)

Electronic voice phenomena, known abbreviated as EVPs,are short sections of noise captured on recording equipment or radio receivers. Typically such noises are interpreted as voices & spoken words.

T.A.P.I.T. will carry out sound recordings throughout their investigations and conduct experiments in which they hope to record an auditory response.

Scientists however can attribute EVP to radio interference or auditory pareidolia which is the interpretation of random sounds into voices as our brain tries to understand them in our own language.




EMF Meters

EMF meters are used by TAPIT to test for irregularities of electro magnetic fluctuations within the electro magnetic field when investigating purportedly haunted locations.  Fluctuations of the EMF field have been found to coincide with peoples reports of anomalous experiences and this typically occurs in haunted locations.

Detection of EMF fluctuations is also important in discounting ghost sightings and paranormal activity as exposure to high levers of EMF can be attributed to hallucinations.


Thermometers are used to measure temperatures regularly to monitor changes and help identify causes to phenomena such as cold breezes and cold spots reported on investigations.

Motion Sensors/Beam barriers

Infra-red beams are sent between two points, alarms will sound should these beams be broken. Helpful for detecting movement around locations where not all area’s can be investigated or where movement is reported.

Digital Audio Recorders

The digital audio recorder is used to pick up EVP. The digital audio recorder is used the same way as an audiocassette recorder.


Other equipment used, includes……...


· Camcorders (Hand held and locked off)

· Digital and 35mm film camera’s

· Trigger objects








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