• "Science admits if asked, that it does not know everything" - A. Lang (1897)
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Matt Morton-Withers

Team Role: Lead Investigator, First Aid

How long have you been investigating the paranormal?: I have been investigating since around 2009 but have always been fascinated by the paranormal from a young age.

Believer or Sceptic?: Started off as a believer, however the more years I do this the more I become sceptic, however there are still things I cannot explain?

Any superstitions?: No not really, In am not a superstitious person

Favourite part of investigations?: Firstly setting up all the equipment, then when the lights go out and bring part of the team. We all get on so well and although we take it seriously we have fun whilst doing it.

What do you feel you bring to the team?: The technical side of things, I like my gadgets. I am always thinking of new experiments to conduct whilst on investigations. I am currently completing an online Parapsychology course and have a degree in ghost hunting, alongside this I am researching all the time and at present I am working on research into Demon possession vs Mental Health.

Favourite location?: Inveraray Jail or Jedburgh Jail in Scotland, one for the scenery and both steeped in history, plus both very active places.

What was your first paranormal experience (if any)?: Whilst camping at Sacrewell Farm in Peterborough with Pete Withers, at night a few of us sneaked off to the barn and I used to see shadows in there and witness chairs moving. This got me fascinated as to what was doing it.

If you could investigate any location, anywhere. Where would it be and why?: WIndsor Castle – there is a lot of history with it being one of the oldest residence of the Royal Family, and the house itself. So would be interesting to see what or if anything was there. Also any Asylums that are now abandoned.

Describe yourself in three words: Short, Genuine, Enthusiastic.

Paul’s thoughts on Matt: I have known Matt for many years both as a friend and as our time together as Ice hockey team mates and opponents. We have worked together on a couple of paranormal projects too most recently Lost Souls. As soon as the opportunity came about to relaunch the team, Matt along with Sue was the only people I thought of that I wanted to join me on this journey and help move the team forward. He has a brilliant investigating ethic and is very tech savvy (which I am not!) he is also nice and small to investigate those cramped places.