• "Science admits if asked, that it does not know everything" - A. Lang (1897)
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Pete Withers

Team Role: Investigator

How long have you been investigating the paranormal?: 2 years

Believer or Sceptic?: Believer

Any superstitions?: None

Favourite part of investigations?: Spending time alone

What do you feel you bring to the team?: Maturity in years

Favourite location?: Very limited but the New Theatre in Peterborough, was very interesting!

What was your first paranormal experience (if any)?: Contact with my parents through a medium.

If you could investigate any location, anywhere. Where would it be and why?: Nowhere in particular, but would be interested in investigating an old asylum

Describe yourself in three words: Open-minded, Caring, Supportive.

Paul’s thoughts on Pete: Pete is the newest member to the team but brings with him a desire to experience all things paranormal. Whilst being a believer he is very open-minded to the science. A great and dark sense of humour that has the ability to lower any tone. Always has a good story to tell too. Really looking forward to working with Pete on upcoming investigations.