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The history of T.A.P.I.T.

The Beginning

The Ashfield Paranormal Investigation Team also more commonly known as T.A.P.I.T was formed on August 12th 2006. The team was made up of a group of friends and family members who came together to answer some of their own questions of the paranormal and experiences in their own lives.

T.A.P.I.T. was born and the team began to investigate anomalous cases of reported ghosts, apparitions, hauntings and poltergeist phenomena, primarily around the Nottinghamshire area but soon began expanding to locations around the United Kingdom.

Since those early days the team has grown and developed from “Ghost hunters” to a serious paranormal Investigation and Research team. In the early stages the team had 14 full time member, coming from all walks of life, all had full time jobs and other hobbies and commitments but everybody gave up their free time for the love of what we do as T.A.P.I.T.

In 2008 the team enjoyed national and global recognition as the team that investigated Nottingham’s infamous Clifton Hall. A media frenzy had begun which saw T.A.P.I.T.’s name in media around the world not just the UK, namely Australia, Hungary, German newspapers. We were interviewed on local TV before both founding member Lee & Paul had interviews on local and National radio shows. The pair later had a live feed interview on Australian Sunrise TV. (See our media page for more information on the Clifton Hall Story)

Paul in the early days of the team

Reshuffle and hiatus

In 2009 the team experienced its first major reshuffle when founding member Lee decided to move on. Paul then took on the running of the team and continued to push the team on with some successful paranormal events and a some charity nights which held the team in high regard.

The team continued to build on past successes and continued their work until 2016 when Paul tragically broke his Knee, Leg and Ankle playing Ice Hockey. During this recovery and Paul’s following relocation to Leicestershire the team took a hiatus to concentrate on a few personal issues.

T.A.P.I.T. Return and looking forward

In 2018 Paul’s desire to get back to Investigating allowed him the opportunity to get the team set back up. Although originally working during this time on a few side projects he wanted the T.A.P.I.T. name to live on and although no longer having a link the Ashfield area it is a link to where we came from.

Paul brought back Sue Freeland into the team and also brought in long time friend and Paranormal buddy Matt Withers to move the team back in the right direction. Paul and Matt have worked together on a side project called Peterborough Shadow Chasers as well as being team mates and enemies at times through their Ice Hockey days. The team was reborn with the welcome additons of Pete, Lynda and Steve

Sadly Matt and Pete decided to leave in November 2022

To date the T.A.P.I.T. team have a smaller group of 4 regular members but we will be working with plenty of guests and fellow Paranormal investigators going forwards as we look to 2023 but most of all we are all looking forward to continuing our paranormal journey with you!

Thank you and we will see you soon

The T.A.P.I.T. Team