• "Science admits if asked, that it does not know everything" - A. Lang (1897)
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Lynda Kinniburgh

Team Role: Investigator

How long have you been investigating the paranormal?: Too many to count, over 20 years.

Believer or Sceptic?: I am definitely a believer because of what I’ve seen and heard!!

Any superstitions?: Crossing on stairs

Favourite part of investigations?: Team work and listening to everyone’s experiences.

What do you feel you bring to the team?: Sense of humour!!!, and my insight of seeing, hearing and speaking to spirits.

Favourite location?: Hellfire Caves

What was your first paranormal experience (if any)?: 5 years old when my gran passed I wasn’t aloud to the funeral as too young, I stayed with family friends and when it was bed time granny sat on edge of bed and said I’ll always be with you, I love you and she has always been with me.

If you could investigate any location, anywhere. Where would it be and why?: Alcatraz, Drakelow tunnels and Mary Kings close all because of the their reputations

Describe yourself in three words: Funny, Caring, Ampathic

Paul’s thoughts on Lynda: Lynda is amazing, had only worked with her once prior to her joining me with TAPIT but that once was enough. She has an incredible ability to see and hear spirit and loves all things investigating! A brilliant sense of humour she fits right in and her energy always raises team spirits.