• "Science admits if asked, that it does not know everything" - A. Lang (1897)
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Paul Nunn

Team Role: Owner / Lead Investigator

Other info: Find me on Twitter

How long have you been investigating the paranormal?: Since 2006, Working with some great people and teams along the way.

Believer or Sceptic?: A Sceptical Believer!! which ever way you look at it, there has to be something out there, some truth. I am open to all possibilities but I need hard evidence to support this either way.

Any superstitions?: Not really, In my ice hockey days I always used to dress the left side of my kit before the right.

Favourite part of investigations?: The unknown, I always say that every investigation, every vigil is an experiment. You never know what is going to happen

What do you feel you bring to the team?: Hopefully leadership and my experience

Favourite location?: I have two, the first is Clifton Hall in Nottingham, what a pleasure that was. The second would be one I investigated privately with “Secret Society” a manor house and farm buildings just on the edge of Cumbria. What a place.

What was your first paranormal experience (if any)?: I guess I have tried to discount this due to my age at the time and the more and more I learn but I would say my first was around the age of 9 or 10. I visited Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire with my family. I wasn’t right from the moment we got there and every time I saw the hall whilst walking in the gardens I could see from the same top floor window a lady looking back at me, very gaunt/grey face and piercing black eyes. It alarmed me so much I got upset but of course my parents could see nothing. I was so upset they took me home. In the car park they finally calmed me down and we drove away. I looked out the rear window to see if I could see her one more time. As I turned back she was stood looking through my side window. I remember screaming so much we actually drove away at speed and had to pull over outside the grounds to be calmed down again. I have never actually been to Hardwick since.

If you could investigate any location, anywhere. Where would it be and why?: Island of Poveglia (Italy), Fascinating stories I would love the chance to visit the old hospital etc.

Describe yourself in three words: Inquisitive, Genuine, Brave