• "Science admits if asked, that it does not know everything" - A. Lang (1897)
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Sue Freeland

Team Role:
Investigator / Mum

How long have you been investigating the paranormal?: Not sure exactly but off and on more than 15 years

Believer or Sceptic?: Sceptic

Any superstitions?: No

Favourite part of investigations?: I don’t really have a favourite part, just love being on location. Watching and listening.

What do you feel you bring to the team?: An enquiring mind, open to any possibility.

Favourite location?: This is yet to come. I think?

What was your first paranormal experience (if any)?: Saw what appeared to be some sort of small apparition (a ball of twinkling misty light) dart in front of the car in broad daylight, hovered for a moment or two then shot across the road disappearing on the other side.

If you could investigate any location, anywhere. Where would it be and why?: If money was no object, it would be Poveglia island (Italy) near Venice, a very dark place with a long history, it’s claimed to be one of the most haunted places on Earth with thousands of bodies buried there, and legends of a mad doctor who experimented on his patient before committing suicide jumping off the bell tower. I would also love to investigate Carne Cottage near Zennor in Cornwall connected to Aleister Crowley and various bizarre happenings, madness and unexplained death.

Describe yourself in three words: Inquisitive, Quite, Optimistic.

Paul’s thoughts on Sue: Sue is certainly the quieter member of our group, but brings such a calming energy to the team. Sue has helped me so much over the years investigating the paranormal I simply could not imagine doing anything without her.